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Maple Park Vikings Athletics

North Kansas City Schools believes that interscholastic athletics and activities are important supplements to the secondary curricular program and are vital to a student’s total middle school educational experience. These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable a student to make maximum use of their middle school education. Participation in athletics and activities will assist a student to develop emotionally, mentally, socially and physically.

Winter Sports Schedule
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Athletic Director

Bridget Van Ee
(816) 321-6327


Head Coach: Danny Johnson
Asst. Coaches: Austin Conrad, Kevin Webster, Steve McClenton

Flag/Color Guard

Head Coach:Payton Vahldick  
Asst. Coach: Brian Chaney      


Head Coach: Amber Sheeley
Asst. Coaches: Stephen Roe, Sam Lanning

Cross Country

Head Coach: Charissa Peterson
Asst. Coach: Anthony Abbott


Head Coach: Tricia Rosario
Asst. Coach: Terra Jiabia


Head Coach: Rachel Kirby
Asst. Coach: Erin Ivanov

Girls' Basketball

Head Coach: Macey Embrey
Asst. Coach: Andie McCune Olivia Rojas

Boys' Basketball

Head Coach: Beau Baker-Vaughn
Asst. Coach: Rashaan Price, Reggie Allen


Head Coach: Austin Conrad
Asst. Coach: Josh Callaway, Jim Scarrow


Girls' Head Coach: David Maultsby
Boys' Head Coach:  Amber Sheeley  
Asst. Coaches: Danny Johnson, Anthony Abbott


Head Coach:

Asst. Coaches:


Head Coach: Mike Lynch

*Some events may require the purchase of a ticket to gain entry. Please use the link above to purchase tickets for those events.